How do I start meditating?

We’ve all heard by now that meditation has a myriad of health and wellness benefits. It lowers stress, improves your ability to focus, and in my opinion, has the potential to teach you to be gentler with yourself and others. I can personally attest to that last one. But we already know that meditation is fantastic.

Let’s talk about why you’re not doing it.

It takes motivation (a feeling) and discipline (a behavior) to sit down every single day and commit to meditating. I know it’s tough. I would argue that most of us don’t want to sit down and do nothing for 5 or 10 minutes. It can be scary to be left alone with yourself.

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In fact, we are rarely with ourselves. When was the last time you sat down with no electronics? No books, board games, music, or company? Meditation can be your daily opportunity to spend time with yourself.

The good news is that there are many ways to meditate. If you try one type and it doesn’t flow after a month, switch to something else. Here are some schools of meditation that you may have heard of:

  • Mindfulness
  • Ānāpānasati
  • Mētta AKA lovingkindness
  • Qi Gong
  • Mantra

Some schools are rooted in ancient tradition and religion, while others are modern adaptations that focus on evidence-based practices.

I recommend committing to a tradition that resonates with your ancestry and/or beliefs. If you’re unsure where to start, try a mindfulness practice that teaches you how to pay attention to the physical sensations of your body. Use free app trials, search YouTube, and ask a meditation teacher to help you find your groove.

The best way to form a daily meditation habit is to do it at the same time and place every day. Use an existing habit to habit stack or schedule the time into your calendar. Reward yourself for meditating by drinking your favorite tea or doing another activity you enjoy after your session. Soon enough, the benefits of meditation will be motivating, and you’ll have built a healthy habit for yourself.

I can guarantee that when you find a style you enjoy, you’ll be astounded at the difference you feel in your everyday experiences. And best of all, being alone won’t be so scary or bland anymore. That’s something you can take with you everywhere.

If you’re looking for guidance, I teach meditation lessons online. Feel free to join my Month of Meditation course or schedule a private session online by clicking here. I wish you peaceful meditation!

Stay mindful,


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