Basic Beginner Yoga (Pose set #3)

It’s time to bring our standing poses together into a sequence! In this pose set, you will practice most of the standing poses you’ve already learned, plus more.

Some new poses included in this video are the following:

  • Uttanasana – Forward fold
  • Virabhadrasana 3 – Warrior 3
  • Navasana – Boat
  • Balasana – Child’s pose

This standing sequence will strengthen your legs, improve your balance, and give you a solid foundation for future yoga lessons. To challenge yourself, repeat the standing flow (from 7:15 to 18:00) twice or thrice. You can also add poses that I didn’t include, like Dandasana or Baddha konasana. Remember to honor your body and its needs as you practice, and feel free to reach out with any questions.

As always, I highly encourage you to find a teacher that understands your needs. Having personalized instructions will give you a solid foundation for your yoga practice.

Stay mindful,

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