About Me


Yoga Instructor, Health Coach, Corrective Exercise Specialist


Why, hello there! I consider myself a wellness educator because it encompasses everything I do: I want to teach you how to feel good in your body. I’ve been physically active my entire life, starting with yoga (my mom is also a yoga instructor!), then gymnastics, and swimming. Gymnastics, especially, was strenuous on my body, and it took me a long time to move past the cultural obsession with flexibility. (There is such a thing as “too flexible!”)

Since my first yoga teacher training in 2016, I have been searching for movement solutions to reduce pain throughout my body. My soft tissue injuries have inspired me to lead slow, mindful yoga sessions. Most recently, I completed a corrective exercise course, which helps realign musculoskeletal imbalances that cause pain and discomfort.

Outside of the world of wellness, I love animals, dancing, and herbal teas. I also love to travel, and am lucky to be able to teach internationally, both in-person and online! If you are interested in mindful movement, I hope to connect with you sometime soon. You can work with me at my virtual yoga studio or contact me directly to have a chat.


200 Hr Therapeutic Yoga Teacher, Soma Yoga Institute (2016)

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Institute of Integrative Nutrition (2018)

Corrective Exercise Specialist, The BioMechanics Method (2023)

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Use the contact page to send me a message. You can follow me online with the buttons below. I share beginner yoga tips, as well as reminders for mindful living. Prefer email? I share one newsletter a month, which you can sign up for here.


200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training with Jeff Manning (2016)

Meditation Teacher Diploma, Centre of Excellence (2020)

Energy Anatomy Diploma, Centre of Excellence (2020)

Yoga Nidra with Kaya Mindlin (2020)

Engaged Yin Yoga & Metta with Samantha Akers (2021)

Yoga Philosophy (Bhagavad Gita course) with Kaya Mindlin (2022)