Yoga offerings

Practice yoga to move intentionally, relax deeply, and connect with your Self.

Yoga lessons


Practice yoga specifically for your body and your needs. Whether you have never stood on a yoga mat before or you need individualized attention for your body, I offer these private lessons 100% catered to you. Yoga is for every body! Contact me directly to schedule a free consultation.

Engaged Yin

Turn inwards with a slow yin lesson once per season. Poses are held between 1:30 to 5 minutes and are either seated, kneeling, or laying down. I do teach yin with some muscular engagement and with props to encourage joint safety while deeply stretching the fascia. We end our session with a long Shavasana and healing Nidra guidance.

Slow Flow

My most frequent group lesson. A slow flow lesson offers you the opportunity to move with your breath, while paying attention to the nuances of each pose. Each lesson has a theme, so we can focus on functional movement in one area of the body (e.g. the spine).


In group settings, I teach the Buddhist practices of anapanasati (breath awareness) and metta (lovingkindness). If you prefer to practice on your own, I offer a Month of Meditation course that teaches you how to get started on your meditation journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to know yoga pose names?

Nope! I use both English and Sanskrit names for yoga poses. Over time, you will learn the names of the most common poses (or your favorite!).

Do I need to download anything?

Both private and group lessons are conducted via Google Meet. You only need access to a web browser – there’s no need to download any software. If you have trouble connecting, try using the latest version of Google Chrome. You may have to “allow” your Internet browser to access your camera and microphone if this is your first time joining.

Should I keep my camera and microphone on?

In private lessons, keep your camera and microphone on. In group lessons, please turn off your microphone and unmute yourself if you have any questions/concerns regarding a particular pose. I recommend leaving your camera on so I can offer suggestions about specific poses and check for potentially harmful alignment. However, you can turn off your camera if that makes you feel more comfortable.

Let’s move mindfully together.

What others say

Emily’s yoga classes provide you with what YOU need particularly by bringing the body what it needs whether that be sleep, calm, strength, therapeutic (restoration or pregnancy). The focus is on the individual and there is no judgment or competition but rather understanding and guidance to build the body to your best you.


The fine print

Cancellation policy: Refunds will only be issued if you provide 24 hours’ notice. You can cancel your attendance from a group lesson online. For private lesson cancellation, please contact me directly to cancel or reschedule to another date.

Participation: I invite all participants to listen to their bodies. If you have preexisting medical (physical or mental) conditions, please consult your doctor about the appropriate type of activity for you. Any questions or concerns may be shared with me directly via my Contact page.